2020 Open meditation classes 

Meditation courses
"Meditation basics"

Many people are interested and have a desire to meditate, but as soon as they try, they will not succeed: "my thoughts won't stop", "I don't get the relaxed feeling", "this is really weird". In this meditation course you will be taken into what meditation is, what it is not, but especially in your own experience what meditation can mean for you. The three evenings are all about connection, acceptance and freedom. The training is given by Dirk Delisse. Dirk has been interested in meditation from an early age, visited many meditation centers around the world and finally completed the training to become a meditation teacher in India.

"Dirk's meditation course is a perfect way to find and learn comfort in silence,
feeling free to be yourself, 
letting go and accepting what is happening in the present"
Wieke, The Netherlands. 
"Dirk is a very nice teacher who's radiates peace and respect, he is able to creating an safe
 and positive groups atmosphere. 
Dirk have a lot of passion for meditation and this makes it
more fun to learn about it"
Ingrid, The Netherlands.



- 10,17,24-11-2019, Uden (The Nederlands), 7:00 pm (FULL!)
- 8,15,22-12-2019, Uden (The Nederlands), 7:00 pm (FULL!) 

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